Heart Ornament Crochet Pattern




This heart ornament crochet pattern is a really easy pattern with written instructions and photos. And it results in this a beautiful decorative heart.  Super cute.

Home Decor

Where do you have your heart set on featuring this cute heart?  For me, this has traveled throughout my home.

I hung it on my office door for a while. Then, it traveled into my bedroom to hang on my Asian cabinet for a bit.  I thought it would stay there till after Valentines Day, calm and sweet. 2 years later, it’s still there: it found its ‘final’ destination as a tag on my nightstand nob. Looks lovely.

When the Time is Right for a Reminder to Love

I made this last year January as I felt it was the perfect project for the time. Winking to both past and future holiday seasons, “Winter Snow” and “Valentines Day”, it’s a small project to celebrate the times, and remind us of what life is all about : solid pure love.


These little hearts make a lovely gift.  Send some in the mail to some lonely people.
Fill them with lavender and pop them throughout your wardrobe for a wonderfully scented, moth free summer.


Yarn stash buster – can be made with leftover cotton yarn. You’ll need way less than 1 skein.

Like this Heart Ornament Crochet Pattern?

I priced the pattern inexpensive so everyone can afford it, to get and give some love.


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