Easy Textured Beanie Knitting Pattern

This easy textured beanie knitting pattern with what I call an ‘infinity cable’ is for a gorgeous hat that is both trendy and nice to wear. It’s one of my favorites, really. (Maybe I should have called it ‘lazy cable pattern’ or something, as this is just about the easiest way to cable, keeping that great stretch that you want for a hat, and get lots of texture, which is so trendy. i.e. Lots of benefits for an easy knit.


Love it in so Many Ways

This easy-to-knit hat stays on well. It’s lovely warm and every so soft. Great to wear.

Makes a durable gift or addition to your own wardrobe/accessories stash. Add it to your list of things to make.

This hat has real class and will turn out to become a cornerstone piece for everyone’s Winter wardrobe.

While I think it is particularly beautiful in grey tweet, you can make it any color you fancy, of course.


Recommended Yarn for This Cable Beanie Knitting Pattern

Yarn and needle info will be in pattern as well.  I used a tweed yarn here from French origin, called ‘Phildar Phil Randonnées’. It’s a gorgeous blend of 45% acrylic, 40% wool,  5% viscose and 10% alpaga.

The tweed adds to the texture already created by the infinity cable.

Also a great stash buster, as you most likely will use only one skein of luxurious yarn.



Easy & Fast

This textured infinity cable beanie knitting pattern is particularly easy as it is knit flat, with 2 needles.

And, it has just the most minimal of cabling to get that sense of cables and texture, without all that extra work that cabling can entail.

BTW. the infrequent cabling twists also mean that the hat has a better stretch and is not that bulky. Wears beautifully instead!

For most knitters, hats are the first truly exciting pattern they get to knit, so if you’re there you’ll love this pattern, and the hat!



Almost all my patterns are of the ‘easy and fast’ variety.  So you can make something in the morning, and wear it in the afternoon — That sort of thing.

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