Elegant Fingerless Gloves – Easy Crochet Pattern

Gorgeous and glamorous: whip these up in no time with this elegant fingerless gloves – easy crochet pattern. Make a great gift for anyone, yes, including you.

One can pretty much wear these year round in the UK or some climate like that, as they give just that bit of warmth and protection at the right time, and you can still use your phone without any ado. That’s what I love about them.

I designed them for my friend in Paris – no matter what I told you before, that is the truth -. The braided wrist tie and button add elegance to otherwise very practical gloves – perfect detail.


About the pattern

I do have rather slender hands, and I know so have many of you. Which means that most other gloves and fingerless gloves  don’t fit properly. Not so with this set!  They fit like a glove… he he. (pun intended)

These elegant fingerless gloves are made to measure. Detailed instruction included to make them a perfect fit for you. The base pattern is made for narrow hands, and instructions are provided to size them up, for average and larger-sized hands.

Easy? Yes,  this is an easy crochet pattern.


About the yarn

I used 100% non stretch cotton, for a thick woven fabric. You can do the same, but be sure to fit them half way as they are intended to be snug gloves.  Alternatively you can pick a yarn with a bit of stretch. This might be better if you are making them for someone else.

Use variegated yarn like in the model to get this lovely pattern.



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