4 Petal Poppy Crochet Pattern for Beginners

Wear one on your jacket, scarf and sweater, or embellish your tea cozy with  them — this 4 Petal Poppy Crochet Pattern for Beginners is meant to bring smiles on your face.  I tried to design one that is both beautiful as well as easy to crochet.


Poppies for Anzac Day

I cherish my freedom and the freedom for all people, all year round. I love living fear-free. That’ s why I designed this Poppy flower crochet pattern. This 4 Petal Poppy Crochet Pattern for Beginners is a tribute to our forgotten heroes for Remembrance Day, Veterans Day, Anzac Day, and any other day.


Poppies for Any Day, Any Time

I am a big poppy fan at any other time of the year: I love them – seeing them in the field, or pinned onto my bag. All good.  Last year, I went as brave as throwing poppy seed around in my own garden. And they started to come up. Can’t wait to see them grow this year.

Likewise with these crochet poppies, there are so many applications for the use of this pattern: as a brooch on a scarf, jacket or beret, as a tag on a bag, as a motif in a design of a larger piece of work, as a garland, …. How can I love thee, Poppie, let me count the ways!



All you’ll need small amounts of red and black cotton yarn to make a poppy brooch. I recommend 100% mercerized cotton yarn as that has a lovely shine to it.



This is an instantly downloadable pattern for beginners for what is definitely one of the most beautiful poppies you can crochet.

Hopefully, you can all make several handful of them. Perhaps you even like donate the produce of your labor, and make them for the Legion, VE Day or the Poppy Appeal –  to raise some funds for those families who lost their hero in the war.

Please do not share nor sell the pattern. I made it to you all available for a mere $1.75, with a discount coupon code available for charity crocheters.

Enjoy the pattern.

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