Small room? Make this wall console table: clever Ikea hack

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This wall console table is a very clever Ikea hack! Considering that is is a regular floating shelf, by adding the legs, it gets so much more substance: it has become furniture!

Narrow wall console table: clever Ikea hack

Cori’s project from Hey, let’s make Stuff.  In her world, this console table is to accomodate the needs of a guest in her guest room to put on a toiletry bag, keys etc.

Cori explains how it cost very little to create this console table.

And she shared that it is surprisingly sturdy and stable. and that is sturdy and stable. Here is the one tip: when you attach the shelf to the wall using the enclosed instructions from Ikea, be sure to install it at the right hight, i.e. so that the legs sit on the ground! This way the legs do all the work and your shelf can hold a lot of weight. I think it’s genial! A great Ikea-hack.

While this is using white on white, I can see that some creative souls will make some variations to this essentially great idea. In fact, this console table reminds me of something I had a long time ago!!I used to have a faux fireplace and made it with 2 giant hand-carved candle stick pillars. and put a glass plate on top. It looked amazing! Now, that was just decorative and I did not have anything heavy on top. IN this project here, you could use it as the narrowest desk for journal writing, or as a makeup table.

Two more two eco-friendly and budget-friendly DIY Home Décor Ideas:

Reclaimed Wood Wall Art

Reclaimed Wood Wall Art Collage

Here is a Reclaimed Wood Wall Art project, that was posted at My Craftily Ever With a simple homemade iKat stencil, guest blogger Shelly from DolenDiaries transformed an old plank into a decorative piece of artwork that added a sophisticated and interesting layer to her home décor. I love it. Simple to do and impactful.

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