Small Rose Crochet Pattern

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Here’s a lovely small rose crochet pattern to make this year-round awesome brooch.

I just mentioned the other day on social media to not throw your crochet shamrock brooch away after St. Patrick’s Day.  You see, your crochet shamrock pin will continue to look great throughout Spring, and actually year round.  All you need to do is add one or more small crochet rose buds on top of it. 

See what I mean? Doesn’t it look good? 

small rose crochet pattern ::
small rose crochet pattern

Shamrock Crochet Pattern + tiny Rose Crochet Pattern

Visit this page to buy the shamrock crochet pattern, or learn first more about it here: St Patricks Day Crafts: Shamrock crochet pattern/

Small Rose Crochet Pattern

Like to make some Lovely Rose Buds. Ok. How do you crochet a small rose?  Here are my simple step-by-step instructions:

  • With chunky yarn, for which you usually need crochet hook size 8.5:
  • Create a magic loop
  • Chain 2, dc 6 and sl st back into the magic loop.
  • Cast off. Pull the yarn so that an uneven shape appears.
  • Weave in ends.
  • With embroidery floss, make 3 lopsided french knots in the center of the flower.
  • Weave in ends.

Many other patterns explain that you need to pair it with small leaf? Not so. A way easier solution is this: pair it with another free crochet pattern that looks like small rose leaves… i.e. my shamrock crochet pattern, which in reality, I suppose is a crochet leaf pattern.

To create a brooch:

  • Attach the flower in a-symmetrical manner onto the shamrock with a few stitches and simple sewing thread.

And there you have it. An adorable rose brooch to pin on a scarf, hat, or hand-knit bag.

Wonder: How do you crochet a flower for beginners? Well, this pattern is certainly the answer for you.

I use one rose here but of course it would also look amazingly cute if you were to pair 3 rose buts, in slightly different colors. Or maybe the same color yarn but with slightly different colored beads.

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