DIY Shabby Chic Mercury Glass Candle Holders

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DIY Mercury Glass Mercury glass is so popular right this minute and I’m fully supporting this trend. I love its shabby chic look, and how you can transform plain glass object, from vase to goblet, into a magnificent vintage silver mirrored home accent.

Eg. Look what I picked up : two darling glass candle holders.


Add this magic wonder: Looking Glass, which is a glass spray that make glass look like vintage mirrors, and voila. This antiqued metallic finish creates a shimmery, reflective surface which enhances the candle’s light. Perfect for candle holders for the holidays, parties, and weddings.

I bought all this for the holidays, but I still have them around and I think these silver mirror votives are pretty year-round. Yes, it’s Mercury glass galore throughout my house.

Mercury Glass Design Ideas

Here are some other design ideas for you that you can either purchase online as is, or make your own:

Shabby Cottage Chic Mercury Glass Votive Set Silver

Large Gold Globe Mercury Glass Votive (star motif)
4.5 “ x 4 “ (diameter x height).

Gold Mercury Glass Votive (flower motif)

Lazy Susan Fluted Silver Mercury Glass Hurricane

Fuchsia Pink Mercury Glass Candle Holder (with rhinestones)

Chic Vintage Mercury Glass Cabinet Knobs, Drawer Pulls & Handles 4pc ~ Style #K5 Kitsch Mercury Glass Cabinet Knobs with Nickel Hardware

What I like about the last three candle holders is the idea to paint on the inside of colored glass votives or drinking glasses.  Adorable.   And I’ve added the last picture of the cabinet knobs to get your creative juices going: you can spray any kind of home accent.

Make your own Mercury-glass home accents

How to use this product is simple:

0. Do read the instructions on the can and follow them.

1. Prep your working area: choose a well-ventilated, easy to clean-up location

2. Spritz your glass with water;

3. Spray with Krylon “Looking Glass” spray paint.

Wait till paint is cured before usage.

Materials Needed

First up, get yourself one or two  6 oz. cans of  ‘Looking Glass’ Mirror-Like Spray Paint, which you can buy online for $12/each.

Ikea_tealightNext, to make your own mirror-like mercury glass candle votives, look for used glassware at your local Sally Ann, or get inexpensive new glass votives & candle holders at your local home ware or dollar stores.

This one here on the right is just $1.99 at Ikea, for example. Now is a perfect time to look for some candle holders as they are on sale everywhere.

Creating Cool things with Mirror Paint – Next Step….

You can actually achieve two looks with this ‘Looking Glass’ spray:

1. the mercury glass – look that I talked about here

2. the regular mirror-look that I’ll talk about in an upcoming post. The method is the same in that you spray the paint on the back of glass and let it cure dry, however, you do not need to add the water first. You work on a dry surface instead. When it’s cured, paint over it for a smooth finish and to avoid scratches in future. But, more about this later, as I want to show you an actual project using this.

(This product comes in an aerosol can, which may not be environmentally-friendly)

Tutorial on How to Gild Glass Vases

how to gild glass vases or votives ::

Now if you don’t like spray cans of any kind, like I don’t, but still want to make glossy & chic glass vases or votives, then have a look at this craft technique: gilding. It’s a technique whereby you attach a layer of shiny metal to your surface, instead of adding a paint.

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