Sewing a recycled paper basket is fun and eco-friendly


Sewing a Recycled Paper Basket is so fun, isn’t it? Baskets like these look contemporary, sturdy and it makes a statement. It’s green, it’s hygge, it’s fun, it’s homey. What more could you want. Oh, it costs next to nothing. So budget friendly also. Although, i have to warn you: do use the right needle on your sewing machine otherwise it could cost you as new needle. :-)

recycled paper baskets

The 1,2,3 How-to

recycled paper baskets

Fold sturdy, not stiff 2” wide strips

Stitch them at 1/8” from edge

Weave 4×4 strips for base.

Fold strips upwards and continue vertically.

Tuck in strip ends as you move along

Use paperclips to keep weave snug.

more info / image credit : Designsponse,

First published February 27, 2012. Updated June 2024.

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