Seashell Picture Frames: Not Just for Summer

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As I love shell frames year round, I just want to remind you / set you free from any limiting thinking re seashells: seashell frames are not just for summer!!! When brushed with gold and silver paint, (or bronze) they are also appropriate decorations for Fall and as XMAS gifts. And in Spring, you can make some for summer, and see, they are year-round.

On my tour through France and Northern Italy, I’ve seen so many lovely seashell frames, and many rather elegant ones in the various castles, houses and home decorating shops we visited, that I was reminded of their timelessness and loveliness. Seashells just have a connotation of relaxation and freedom to do with your time what you like, that I like them around year-round.

seashell picture frame

Ready-made Shell Picture Frames, for Easy Decoration

Browse seashell picture frames on Amazon. They have quite a selection.

These are just two of the many different shell frames that are available online. The easiest beach decoration is to simply order these. The next best option is to order a kit like the below (great for a classroom/summer camp). The most creative & fun option might be to take a day to go to the seashore and collect shells yourself!

shell frame_18pack

Or, Make Your Own Sea Shell Picture Frames

You don’t needto live next to the beach to amke your own sea shell picture frames. There are tons of different kinds of shells available online at Amazon. And then you can upcycle your own existing frames. Or, you can get a set. When I came across this set on Amazon, I thought to feature it on the blog as an alternative.

When summer is over, you can extend the fun summer memories when making these lovely shell frames.  Seashell frames make the perfect display for summer vacation pictures, so be sure to keep some for your own family.

Consider it a great set, not only students for classrooms. You can use it with your own kids also.  You don’t need to go to the beach to collect shells. They come with the pack.  I think these packages make great home schooling projects. When used in the classroom or at home in your own ‘school’, kids can sort shells, learn about animals that live in them and develop an experience chart about the seashore. 

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