Learn How to Make this Scrapbooking Canvas Art (Pinterest Favorite)

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Today’s article features a tutorial on how to make this scrapbooking canvas art. It’s my favorite Pinterest pin today. This is what it says:

Soul Smile

‘Laugh with your eyes,

Hug with your soul, and

Smile with your heart’

(Anonymous quote)

Wow. Powerful quote on canvas art. Inspirational? Eh. Yes!


What makes this Paper art creation /Scrapbooking collage on canvas work so well?

Besides the sincerity of the quote itself, the lettering is really creative. As well, the colors match the style and are really nicely choses.

Free Scrapbooking Tutorial

If you want to learn how to make this, it comes with a very detailed tutorial. Image and tute by Unity Opportunity.

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