Scrapbook Fathers Day Cards with Stamps

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diy fathersday cards and bookmarks tutorial

My father is now an elder and I like making him an age-appropriate card. A card that is still full of whimsy and joy, but not quite as crazy as say this D-A-D glasses – card that we made last time for my hubby. Dad does not play golf anymore, nor tennis, and he does not wear a tie. Hasn’t worn one for ages. So, he needs a handsome but more classic card, made just for him. And so I did.

This card  will be for my dad. A grandpa.

Now that I’ve finished mine, let me set you up so that you can make one for your granddad also.

Tutorial on How to make this  Fathers day Card with Stamps

diy fathersday cards stamps

Card Making Supplies

You’ll need the following supplies from Amazon or local craft shop. (The below section contains Amazon affiliate links):

1. I used two excellent stamp ink pads. One is Coffee brown, and the other one is Silver grey. Awesome both of them. They are full of ink and really easy to use. Beautiful brown color. And they are versatile. You can probably use both of them on fabric, paper and wood.

Get some good ink pads for yourself and you’re ready to go.

This neutral Fathersday card is an easy DIY, w tutorial

2. I also LOVE the vignette stamp I used. Isn’t beautiful? You can buy them in a set of 6 matching designs at Crystal Square Decoden Stamp – 6 Pcs in 6 different flowers pattern rubber stamp Beautiful and well made. Stamps of this quality in the UK are about 7 pounds each, or about $10.

3. As far as card making stock, I used some sheets of a scrapbooking paper kit that I’ve had for ages. So old in fact, that that set is no longer for sale. However, check these newer designer quality papers: scrapbooking paper kit (Learn more or purchase on Amazon)

4. Alphabet letter stamps. Get the good ones, e.g. here on Amazon! Get yourself a good set and be happy that you did. ( I used a cheapie set from Michaels, and I can not recommend them as they do not stamp the letters properly. I am about to replace my set as it drives me crazy having to redo the letters that come out too wobbly, … and then potentially ruining my whole design!)

5. I used a package of glue dots, another new indulgence that I so enjoy. I used to ‘swear by’ Yes! glue (and still do), but these glue dots keep your entire workspace dry and are super easy to use: Glue Dots for Craft, on a roll (e.g. these on Amazon)

6. I wouldn’t be me if I would not at least use a bunch of recycled paper pieces: cut-offs from other projects and some food packaging paper (which did not touch the food.)  Note: if you make durable paper art pieces, be sure to stick to only grease free, acid free papers.

7. Package of plain greeting cards (e.g. these on Amazon)

8. Re-usable general craft supplies: paper guillotine (vital for straight edges) and scissors (for small snips).

9. Optional: an excellent card making book. Get one that is filled with both ideas, templates and techniques.

How-to Scrapbook Fathers Day Cards – Instructions

Scrapbook Fathers Day Cards with stamps - a tutorial

Now, how to make this card is so easy:

1. Start layering your various papers till you get a combination of papers and colors that you like.

2. With your paper cutters, cut off the central piece of paper of your card.

3. With your stamp and stamp pad, on a contrast colored piece of paper, or white, stamp your gorgeous vignette.

4. Start layering and building a composition that pleases you. For ‘missing’ colors that you like to see repeated, find little bits of paper with that color and add these. I added a grey strip and pressed that strip onto the silver ink pad for a shimmer. Looks fabulous.  Experiment also with running the ink pads along the  paper elements. I tried it and while the results looked nice, it was not the ‘look’ that I was after for this card.  But it might work for your card. So, experiment with various card making techniques.

5. With the alphabet letters, wrote the ‘papa’ which means ‘dad’ in many different cultures and languages. You can write DAD or your father’s name if you wish instead. Or Happy Fathers Day…

6. Once you have created and cut all the elements, layer up the cards. Attach the glue dots onto each element and attach it to your base card, one by one.

And that’s it.

Scrapbook Fathers Day Cards Tip 1: if you make a blooper by smearing some ink somewhere or creating a pen mark, or cutting a cut a bit too deep, just cover it up with a small embellishment.

Scrapbook Fathers Day Cards Tip 2: see that card making book that I have in the corner of the photo, with the page on DIY frames.  Paper frames can be a great tool to help you create a focal point in your card design. I started with my orange frame. However, I decided to simplify my card in the end and not use it. However, again, it might really work for you, so again. Experiment.

fathersday_bookmark_vignettFathers Day Gift Tip 3: These days, I immediately create a bookmark to go with my cards.That way, the ‘card’ becomes a bit of a set and a bit more of a present in and by itself.

I created this jewel-like bookmark (you can tell I LOVE that stamp) and cut out a tiny strip of the main scrapbooking paper and attached it below the stamp. A tiny cut flower at the center of the stamp creates a vignette.  Done.


I think it goes very well with the desk leather pen tray.

He’s 80. He doesn’t have an iPod. But he does use a pen occasionally.

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