You’ll love this DIY Santa Advent Calendar Knitting Project

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Hi all. Look what I’ve been busy with? Writing up the knitting pattern for this DIY Santa Advent Calendar knitting project with a unique little pockets. Actually, pockets of all sizes, so your little gifts will all fit in. So much fun!!!!

DIY Santa Advent Calendar Knitting Project
Santa Advent Calendar Knitting Project with loads of little pockets

So much goodness went into this — you can read about my Advent Calendar Knitting pattern here:

When and how do you make a homemake advent calendar with knitted pockets? Well, no stress! Simply don’t worry about it not being ‘finished’ at a certain time. It’s actually quite fun to add a few pockets as you go along. This design allows you to be ‘less than perfect’ and a freeform / procrastinator as a knitter. All you need to do is stay 1 day ahead of the calendar. Make this as stress-free as possible!

With this Home made projects make for really unique advent calendars for adults and kids.

Get your DIY Santa Advent Calendar Knitting Pattern now and just begin!

And if you want to learn a bit more about Advent Calendars, read on:

What are the best Advent Calendars?

This, of course, depends on your spirituality. There are basically two types of families who use advent Calendars:  those who use the advent calendar to live by the Bible, and those who enjoy a Santa Advent Calendar.

DIY Santa Advent Calendars

How do you make Sant advent calendars for kids, and what do you put in an Advent calendar? Well, this is Easy.

Fill your calendar with chocolates, candy, little toys, sweet words, or… your ideas. For example, two years, it was filled with teenager makeup. Last year, we filled it with faux silver boxes. This year, we use Lindt balls. I’m curious what your family puts in to its Advent calendars.

Teenager Makeup DIY Santa Advent Calendar Knitting Project
DIY Teenager Makeup Advent Calendar

DIY Spiritual Advent Calendars

To explore the spiritual side we should look at the meaning of the advent calendar. What the four weeks of advent represent is answered in the Bible. The four biblical themes for Jesus’ birth are Peace, Hope, Joy & Love. And those are the 4 themes of advent which you can put into the design of your advent calendar, if you wish.  

How do you do this? You could fill your pockets with biblical quotes or simply uplifting messages based on these four themes. So that’s another idea for what to fill my advent calendar with. A message of the day, sort of thing. I think I will actually do this next year.

How do Advent Calendars Work?

Every day, you open a door or box or get the content out of one of the pockets. Some calendars stop at Christmas eve ie. have 24 pockets. Others end on Christmas Day and have 25 pockets.  I created an advent calendar that would make you land on Christmas eve. And if you want, you can make any of the larger pockets into a double pocket and add that 25th chocolate if you’d wish. So that answers also the question: When should you give an advent calendar? Ideally before December 1.

Who invented advent calendars,  and why do they call it an advent calendar?

Advent calendars go back all the way to mid-19th century Germany. There, Protestants lit candles or made chalk marks on doors to count the days leading up to Christmas.  From then on, the idea of the countdown for Christmas moved all around the world. 

So, traditionally, people start with opening door #1 on December 1st.  #2 on December 2nd. And then on, all the way till Christmas. But if you wonder: Do you count up or down on an advent calendar, or do you start at 1 or 24 of the advent calendar when it comes to getting your Santa chocolates or stocking stuffer presents…  – it does not really matter.

Just enjoy the season, and happy knitting!

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