Ruffled Quilted Baby Blankets (Tutorial)

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Ohhh.. So pretty. Baby blanket love. Perfect gift for a summer party. Gotta make this. Not for a baby, but enlarged for my deck as a tanning blanket.


(picture A)

You might like to make this ruffled baby blanket as a baby gift, though.

Ruffled Seams ~ Quilt Sewing Technique

Seamstresses: have a look at this wonderful ruffling sewing technique used here:

1. First we make endless rows of ruffled fabric. (see picture  B)   Tutorials on how to sew these are all over the web.

how to quilt

(picture B)

2. Then, you pin and sew the strips together into your baby blanket quilted top.  (see picture B)

3. Top stitch along the edge of each fabric strip (see the result of this in picture A. Click on the image to see a huge version of it.)

3. Here’s the trick step: now, at the back of your fabric, remove the initial stitch lines that made the ruffle strips in step 1. (i.e. exactly the ruffle lines you see in picture B).

Cool, eh?! I love the whimsical ruffled fabric look that this creates.

Finish of your blanket with an optional layer of quilt batting for the center, and a bottom layer of either coordinating quilting fabric or soft terry cloth , as is used here.

Photo credit / very detailed baby blanket tutorial: 2 Little Hooligans – A great blog with bright happy fabrics all over.

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