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Romantic dinner to plan? Celebration? Mother’s Day!? What to do to make your guest of honor feel really special? Of course, for mom, it’s breakfast in bed. Besides lots of tasty goodies, how about surprising her with this lovely rose napkin fold.

rose  napkin fold how-to
Who would not like to get flowers for Mother’s Day?! Easy with this Rose Napkin Fold

How to Make Rose Napkin Folds

Martha again. She came up with this is a dramatic looking napkin fold that even I can make. What’s best about it, that you don’t have to fold your napkin perfectly, as those little imperfectly folded corners make it look more natural!

TABLESCAPE COLOR TIP: I made this design in all white damask as I had no pink and green napkins laying around and wanted to try it out. It came out great!

Napkin Leaves

1. Fold a square green napkin in half along the diagonal.

2. Fold it in half again along the long edge.

3. Fold it once more in half along the long edge.

Napkin Flower


1. Use a square napkin of any color. Fold the cloth in half along the diagonal. Place it on your work surface so that the longest side of the resulting triangle is at the top. Take the corner opposite the longest side and fold it up so that it just extends over the top. The top and bottom edges should be parallel.

2. Fold the bottom edge up so that it falls just short of the top edge. Begin rolling the napkin from one end. Guide and adjust the cloth as you roll to give it an even shape.

3. Slip the completed flower between the upper and lower halves of the leaves, and arrange a glass tumbler and are set at each place setting.

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Disclosure: all three images are from Martha Stewart, although she now only shows the final result; not the step-by-step tutorial photos.  Like this idea? Consider treating yourself to a subscription of Martha Stewart Living (1-year auto-renewal). You could get it here with 53% discount for only $28 at time of this writing, ie. 2012. Now, 9 years later… this price has dropped to … $5! Amazing!

Or Martha’s wonderful book,…


  • This napkin fold is great for a breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner table setting. And not just for mother’s day either; equally good for a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner for two.
  • Be creative. Of course, dusty pink and olive green is a splendid color combination.As I said, this rose also looks great in all white, b/w, or any other color for that matter. The shape is distinguished enough for a monochromatic arrangement to work.


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