Rose Bouquet Cake Decorating Tutorial


I don’t know that’s happening, but that cupcake / pretty cake – making trend is putting its claws into me. I don’t like so much sugar. It does me no good. But now that candy has become eye-candy, I guess I can make peace with it, and showcase what others are making, for us to look at. Someone will eat it, but not me…

Now, having said all this, again, (are you bored with my story?! I am. I am going to stop saying this…) let’s have a look at this romantic rose bouquet cake design.

It is sometimes hard to tell who made the first cake design like this, but I think it might be this Italian site: (translates as ‘powder sugar’ referring to the enormous amounts of powder sugar being needed for all that icing, of course.)

Rose Bouquet Cake Design ~ Icing-Making Instructions

Here’s how to make this cake:

rose bouquet cake
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bouquet roses cake decorating tutorial

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