Tips for reviving orchids – you’ll love the result

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Are you craving for some good orchid blooms too?

I collected 5 different orchids over the last couple of years, but none of them are blooming any longer. Mmm… one died, the others ones are surviving, but not thriving.   It is about time that I researched it a bit.   It turns out that there are several tricks to get those blooms going; facts that I did not know before.  

Possibly you don’t know them either. As orchids rate amongst the most popular plants right now (together with succulents, in unusual planters like recycled shoes or in wreaths), I thought to share this with you, so we all get some more of those lovely orchids going.



3 Tips to Make Orchids Thrive

1. Orchids need filtered bright sunlight. Actually, when orchids don’t rebloom it is most often because they do not receive enough light (and warmth?)  So, make sure their surroundings are bright, but avoid direct sunlight.  (Meanwhile, mine are in an area that could even considered to be a bit dark…. )

The test: orchid leaves that get enough light are bright green, rather than dark green.

2. Orchids thrive on bark. Best is to plant them in a water-retentive humus of rotting wood & leaves, or sphagnum moss, because orchids don’t thrive in soil.

(So, if you, like me transplanted your original orchids into a larger planter with soil, we’ve got to undo it and put them onto wood bark chunks instead)

3. Orchids like morning mist.  OK. Do you spray your orchids in the morning? Well, seems like something to do. Daily spritzing in the early morning a treat for these glorious plants. Mmmm… So, the think to do is: Water early in the day, once a week in winter and twice in summer. If you a small 4-5” pot, do it ever 6th day. Ditto if you use bark, because it dries out faster than sphagnum moss.  If you want to do water your orchids perfectly right, use rainwater!

(My orchids have been utterly ignored and were watered every 3 weeks with tap water last winter. I realize it is amazing that my orchids survived!)



Orchid Advice from Plant Experts, In Action

I am now going to embrace all this wonderful orchid advice from the plant experts, for my own orchids. When they bloom again, I’ll show you some photos. Promise!


New Orchids

If you need some new orchids to get you started, here are some fabulous varieties to choose from, and at good prices.

Orchid Reference Guides

  1. Understanding Orchids: An Uncomplicated Guide to Growing the World’s Most Exotic Plants Tip: don’t get the Kindle edition, but the real deal. The book is a top quality book, quoted as the best one around. However, the Kindle version does not live up to that quality standard (yet).
  2. Orchids For Dummies. This is a non-intimidating beginners guide, whereas the first book is more in-depth.
  3. What’s Wrong With My Plant? (And How Do I Fix It?): A Visual Guide to Easy Diagnosis and Organic Remedies Nothing to add: title says it all. This guide is good for people like you and me who like to fix things in organic ways.

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