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Reversible Spring Bag – beginners sewing pattern | “I want this is what you’ll think when you see this spunky Spring bag. “I can do this” is what you’ll say when you see the sewing pattern.

What sets this bag apart is its bias tape trim made with coordinating fabrics. Nice, nah?! It’s an easy, beginners-level pattern. However, given that the bag is reversible, has coordinating fabrics, trimming and pleads, your sewing efforts will give you a snappy result.

Reversible Spring Bag - beginners sewing pattern

Tools Explained: what’s a bias tape maker

I talked about this handy this little machine a little while ago, and again, it is perfect for this sewing project: a Simplicity Bias Tape Machine . (Learn more, compare other gadgets and purchase on Amazon) Check it out, as it will save you lots of time, and ahem, will get you into making tons of bias tape for all kinds of really good purposes. Almost a must-have for embellishment addicts, like many of us are. (smile)

OK.  Let’s make a couple. Onto the bag pattern. It takes less than 1 hour to complete.

Materials Needed for this Reversible Spring Bag

1.  To make this bag, use one gorgeous fabric for the bag body, and another fabric for the lining.

2.  Plus use a coordinating fabric for the bias tape, or a  ready-made double-fold Bias tape (ready-made).

Tip: since it is my idea to use up remnants, you can always ‘patchwork’ a few fabric remnants together to make each piece large enough to become a side of this bag. It will all add to the whimsy of this fun summer bag.

Reversible Spring Bag Sewing Pattern Sizing

Upsizing is easy.  For a larger bag, simply print this  pattern at 200% in tiles. Tape the tiles together to get your larger pattern.  The instructions remain the same: cut the pieces 2x for the lining and 2x for the outer bag.

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photo source | pattern : prudentbaby.com

First published May 21 2012. Updated June 24, 2024.

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