Recycled Shutters as Pin Boards


Recycled shutters set a mood and say ‘relax’! However, beyond their air of casual, shutters carry design notes ranging from eco-friendly, shabby-chic, beach house to country cottage, all depending on their color and the other design elements in the room.

Because they blend well into so many interior design styles, re-purposed shutters are all the rage. Just recently I featured how to repurpose shutters into magazine racks. If you feel like doing a shutter design project, but don’t want to get all those tools out of the garage, consider: a shutter noticeboard.

Shutters as Pin Board


The 1,2,3 Howto:
* Paint your shutters pink, pastel blue or aqua (for a beach cottage – look)
* Locate your collection of lovely (dream) vacation photos and pretty greeting cards from around the world.
* Slide in cards to make it into a romantic cottage pin board or … dream-board.

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