Striped Ear Warmer Crochet Pattern with Button

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Have a coat with a unique color combination, making finding matching accessories really hard?  This is my solution for you.  I’m sharing my red – gold ear warmer crochet pattern with button.   It’s an easy beginners pattern. Ear warmers are both classic and trendy. Best of all, they keep your ears warm in windy weather, without making you feel like you’re covered from head to toe.

Red – Gold Color Combination

I am so into this Red-Gold  (or red-tan) fashion color combination.  I first saw it in Florence, Italy, in the major fashion houses there. And it got under my skin… I keep looking for that color combination in things.

Pair that with my passion for the luxury-handmade combination – that edgy elegance – and yes, you got me!

Red-Gold Ear Warmers Crochet Pattern with Button Let me show you some pictures. Tada… the Juicy bag. Now. you may think that this brand-new Juicy Couture bag with red velvet and gold was a splurge. Well, ahum, it wasn’t . It was 4 pounds, and found in a consignment shop. That’s about $6. Inside the bag on display was the new plastic JC packaging bag, and a raffle ticket.  So, … who knows. It’s hard to tell if it’s a faux or a real Juicy Couture, but I’m happy with it as they are ‘my colors’.

Winter Fashion

Regardless, for me, it’s a perfect winter weekender bag. I am thrilled with it as to finished off ‘my look’. Now my Prada ski jacket has a befitting matching bag.

Red-Gold Ear Warmer Crochet Pattern with Button

Last year, I designed an ear-warming head wrap aka neck wrap for this jacket.

Red-Gold Ear Warmer Crochet Pattern with Button

Red-Gold Ear Warmer Crochet Pattern with ButtonSo, now I have a very international outfit here:  The necklace and white bracelet are a souvenir present from my recent trip to the US.

The golden Guess bracelet is from Vancouver, also a souvenir from a fun weekend getaway.  The jacket is purchased in Italy, my head scarf was made there, and the new JC bag is from the UK. Wow. I guess, I do travel lots. I love having souvenirs from different places. So there you have it.

Red-Gold Ear Warmer Crochet Pattern with Button

This ear warmer can be worn in several ways: as ear warming headband, or as a neck wrap. Perfect for when skiing. Keeps your neck extra warm.

How is it designed? This ‘Red-Gold Ear Warmers Crochet Pattern with Button’ is one continuous band, so it’s fast to put it on/take it off. The buttoned ‘closure’ is just for show.

Find the earwarmers crochet pattern in my online crochet & knitting pattern shop.

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