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Easy Peasy Kid Craft, for Valentines or Mothers Day.


Transform an empty honey pot into a lovely jar for mom’s things on her desk or craft corner. Perfect for Mother’s Day. ‘Kids’ from All ages could do this craft project, and that includes you*.


recycling craft for kids glass jar

Materials Needed

Clean empty glass jar


Scissors (optional)

Craft feather or other pink ‘anything’

Pink tissue paper or wrapping paper remnant

Pink heart sticker, one or more



20 minutes or less, depending on age of the child 

(* It was really fun for me to make this jar. So if you want to make this for yourself, or your teenage daughter going back to school, just do it !!)


How to Make This ‘Mothers Day’ Love Jar

1. Place the lid of the jar onto your tissue paper and with a pencil create a circle around it. This is your gluing circle.

2. Create a second circle that is about 1 cm or 1/3 of an inch bigger around your first circle. This is your tearing or cutting circle.

3. Tear or cut out the bigger circle.

4. Place glue on the lid of the jar and glue on the tissue paper. Carefully take out all folds so it looks neat and tidy.

5. Put the lid on the jar and find the perfect spot to put your heart sticker and stick it on.

6. Glue on the craft feature (or some glitter or beads or a few matching heart stickers onto the lid. Let it dry.


Craft Tips

For a love letter in a jar, write out your favorite mothers day poem and put it in the jar. A lovely take on ‘message in a bottle’. Great little gift for mothers day. If you don’t want to write a poem, you can fill your jar with little chocolate bits or other candy. … Or, how about some Homemade Relax Tea???!!! Check for a free recipe here.



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