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Recycled Sweater Rugs :: I have this thing for rugs and for recycling cable sweaters. I’m sure you all seen this recycled wool sweater lamp, which I just adore. It just looks so warm and cosy.

Now, here’s a DIY tutorial to make yourself a matching rug for that chair near the window or next to your bed. Making your own rug from recycled sweaters is called ‘direct recycling’. To me, that’s the most eco-friendly and best.

Recycled Sweater Rugs

recycled sweater rugs

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Step-by-Step Rug Making Instructions

1. Use a piece of sturdy fabric, canvas, or an old rug you can use as a base. What’s nice about using an old rug as a base is that you are essentially recycling it. Furthermore, if it has a slipfast base, than you don’t need to worry about that either. If you instead use fabric as a base for your rug, then I recommend that you purchase an anti-slip mat. They are inexpensive and can be bought here: anti-slip mat.

2. Start with the end in mind: where would you like to have a nice cozy rug made from an old sweater? Figure out the style, colors and materials that would work best in that room and space. Then, go over to your closet (or Sally Ann’s) and pick a sweater to re-purpose whose texture & color matches your interior design style.

3. Cut your sweaters into parts and and sew these onto the base rug. Trim and tug as needed to make it fit.

Tip for a Professional Look

I think you may need to have some additional pieces of wool/fabric to give your rugs a professional finish. Consider adding some pretty fabric and/or grosgrain ribbon. Of course, first look through your own fabric & ribbon stash, before you buy anything …. (reuse, reduce, recycle…)

You can sew a strip of fabric around the edges of the rug, and/or use fabric strips in the rugs in decorative ways. Be clear about one thing: don’t overdo it. Keep your embellishments flat and monogrammatic, unless you start with a really plain sweater. Have a look at this rug make-over article, how ribbon embroidery completely makes this basic rug into a work of art: DIY embroidered rug.

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