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I have about 20+ old white socks with holes to recycle, and I scoured around for some inspiration to decide what to do with them.

sock monkey tutorial

How to Make a Sock Monkey

I am so NOT a sock monkey girl, and the first thousand Google-pages that popped up were all about … sock monkeys.   However, if you you wonder how to make a sock monkey, I’ll help you.  Here are your free ‘How to make a sock monkey’- instructions. Just click the image page on the left to download your detailed tutorial.

However, even when you apply a whole lot of fantasy, it’s hard to be original when making a sock monkey.  Others have tried. Beyond the different colored stripes and different cute expressions and ear locations, I’ve seen a dress made with sock monkeys, and a blanket, toddler sock monkey slippers, sock monkey cloths, and even an Obama sock monkey.


So, if anything, don’t make a sock monkey.  It’s been done before.


Sock Creatures

sock monkey :: recycled socks crafts

Actually, the only really good, AND original creatures  (not striped monkeys) made from recycled socks that I discovered in my hours & hours of research were made by Neta Amir, a modest, yet highly talented textile artist from Israel.


Take this traveler for example. He has a raven on his t-shirt for good luck, and real hiking shoes. 


Neta made some really wicked girl friends for him….


 sock creature drora



Want to find more like these sock creatures: visit Neta’s site (but don’t click away just yet; I’m about to show you the best)


Be Inspired by Sock Art

Actually, I am far more excited by artist Neta Amir’s other work.

Recycled Sock Camera

One of her projects that stand out in creative detailing is her fantastic sock camera.

It comes complete with sock living room scene, which is in turn reflected in the camera lens/view finder.

Pretty neat.


recycled sock art :: camera



She dabbled also in sock flowers and sock branches, however it appeared more like unfinished creative experimentation rather than a firm ‘this is it’. 


Anyhow, her experimentation actually helped me:

now I’m contemplating making some semi-practical white sock coral,

or vine branches, on which to hang my ’00s of pearl  & bead necklaces …

or  my ‘000s of white paper flowers.  T

his could be quite beautiful.



Meanwhile, on my hours and hours journey, I also found some other, really practical & novel things you can make with used recycled socks.

I shall show you … tomorrow. 

I’m going to talk about creative sock upcycling / refashioning ideas that you can & will actually put to good use… bike bags, jewelry, vase covers, and …. some other surprises…

Till tomorrow.

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