Succulents in Recycled Kids Shoes

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Great summer craft for kids: make your own succulent garden in that worn pair of shoes that has been the favorite for soooo long and that is just still too ‘precious’ to throw away.   Have a pair of those, with soles all worn out and/or now cramping your toes?  Perfect. Let’s recycle (upcycle) it!!


Materials Needed for this Garden Art Project


All you need next is an old plastic bag with which you’ll line the shoe so it will last a bit longer as your plant pot.

Next pour in a bit of soil and break of a few succulent florets from your moms, aunts or neighbors succulents and put them in the soil. 

1/4 cup of water and your shoe garden is ready to go onto your bedroom’s window sill or somewhere on the porch.


Perfect Plant for Kids

Succulents like sun and won’t mind it if you forget to water them, .. for a while.

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