Make Awesome Recycled Pallets Furniture for Your Garden Today!

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Today, I am showing you how to make awesome recycled pallets furniture for your garden. You might have recently seen this article with Recycled Pallet Furniture . In it, we showcased a few ideas on how to use pallets to make your own furniture for inside your home. Today’s article is an extension of this.

You might have seen Tiffany’s bench from recycled pallets?

1. Recycled Pallets Furniture – Outdoor Benches

recycled pallet furniture

As the weather is improving, we all want to play outside. What better way than to cut up a few pallets and make them into outdoor planters or furniture instead.

diy pallets chair

Here is another version of this garden bench.

Made by Tiffany (

2. Recycled Pallet Furniture – Garden Houses & Sheds

recycled pallet furniture

Here are a handful of planter and garden decorating ideas for balconies and/or gardens.

Which kid would not want to have a garden play house like this? All made from recycled pallets.
This project requires some advanced woodworking skills, but it’s doable, and the how to make this child playhouse from old pallets, step-by-step instructions and building plan can be found at

Level of difficulty: “Advanced”

Photo credit:

3. Recycled Pallet Furniture – Balcony Planters

Have a look at these cool recycled pallet balcony wall-planters! This beginners- pallet recycling project can be just as much fun. They are great for balconies in cooler climates as there is not a lot of soil to hold the water. However, you can practically fit a whole herb garden into one of these! I just adore them.

recycled pallet planter DIY project
recycled pallet furniture :: planter

Image credit: Life on the Balcony

Level of difficulty: “Beginners”

4. Recycled Pallet Furniture – Garden Planters

If you are a bit more daring, and skilled using power tools, and can get your mind around actually chopping up a pallet or two, then here are two planter box designs for you.

recycled pallet furniture: wooden pallet planterThe complete how-to step-by-step instructions on how to make this recycled pallet planter used to be posted at
This larger green box is designed by The Daily Green. Again, it comes with complete instructions so you get to make your own.Recycled Pallet Furniture :: planter
Recycled Pallet Furniture
Pallet Rose Climbing Trellis, by Sandy Coughlin, Reluctant Entertainer

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