Recycled Juice Boxes = Tote Bag Patterns

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Going green does not mean boring. It means Stylish! This Recycled Juice Box pattern is the ’living’ proof of how recycling has taken on a whimsical, recycling, refashion-tangent and that there’s no going back!

Great project to make this summer, but you got to start saving your used juice boxes now as you’ll need 20 for an average –sized tote bag.This fashion-statement recycled juice box bag makes, of course, a great girlfriend gift.

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Art Materials

What you’ll need is:

  • Approximate 20 used, clean recycled Juice Boxes, (makes a mid-sized tote bag) : 6 for the front, 6 for the bag, 4 for the sizes, 2 for the bottom and 2 for the handles.
  • Iron & ironing board
  • Sewing needle & thread
  • Optional: zipper or small strip of Velco
sewing patterns

Step-by-step Juice Box Bags Making Instructions

  1. Buy your 20 Juice Boxes & drink the juice. Clean & dry the boxes, and store them till you have 20 recycled boxes to make your tote bag with.
  2. Iron the juice boxes flat.
  3. Lay the juice boxes out in a desirable  pattern to become the front of the tote bag, and another pattern to become the back of the bag.  Choose the right colors for the sizes, 2 above each other, and choose two for the handles.  Re last two are to be used for the bag bottom.
  4. Sew the juice boxes carefully together in the pattern you have laid out. 
  5. To be able to close your bag,  add a small strip of Velco at the top middle.  If you are experienced with sewing, you can add a full-length zipper instead.

And there’s your Juice Box tote bag.

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Recycled Messenger School Bag

If your bag turns out so cute that you do not want to gift it to your friend as you had originally intended, you can give her this ready made recycled bag will do the trick. 100% cool, juiced.

2-Pocket School Backpack
Messenger Bag –
Made from Recycled
Juice Containers!


* Pockets w Velcro Flap Closings

* Zipper Closing and Inside Slip Pocket

* Fair Trade

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