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Beautiful. Recycled furniture can just be so attractive and amazingly original.

I have posted a DIY wooden desk made from recycled pallets before. The result was rustic. Now, this desk, however, has a minimalist sophistication. A completely different look. Instead of wooden pallet plants, this is a recycled street door. If the door is closed, it’s a dining table for 8 people. If the door is open, it’s a desk.

I love the practical desk pockets made from recycled leather hide. I hope they somehow snap secure, so that not everything falls on the floor when the desk door closes. The desk aka table even has a drawer tucked in the corner. A lil bit of storage there. Just the basics. Minimalist here.

Recycled Furniture as Inspiration

I am showing you this desk for inspiration. I can see many variations on this basic desk design. For one, I can see shelves hung all along the length of the table, below the desk surface, particularly below the half that flips open. This would double the actual desk space and offer some hidden storage also.

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photo credit Manoteca

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