Recycled Furniture: Darling Dog Beds

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Ultra-boring 70’s octagon cabinets ‘n’ tables can be found for cheap in recycled furniture stores and be revamped into the cutest dog beds, shows the DIY Network.

How right they are!!  This dog bed is absolutely cool. (* They are showing 4 more beds but this one is best ~ trust me. Plus, I like the red handbag in the picture too,but that’s besides the point.)

My Quick 1,2,3 How-to Make Dog Beds like this

1. Sand your recycled table / cabinet and paint the outside with a healthy, environmentally-friendly glossy paint (like these paints: ‘no VOC’ – Paint

2. Line the inside of the cabinet with suitable fabric. While I prefer all natural fabric for myself, I think we must be practical: we’re dealing with a dog. Think hair, think … For this reason, I like this fabric, which I think is a rather close match to the one in the picture. 

There is a wide range of flannel plaid fabric. This one I like because it’s suitable for home decor items. There are a few different designs by this brand, so click the image and you’ll see the others also.

Be sure that the one you choose is easily washable (a ‘must’ for the pillow, see #3!). Flanels are so soft and would make a perfect dog bed. Check the properties of each fabric you like, and look for indications that will assure you that it will keep its color and shape.

3. Cover a Dog Bed Pillow with the same or a coordinating fabric, and fit pillow into the cabinet.

If needed, use any of the free sewing patterns for pillows for instructions on how to make your dog bed pillow. Measure the inside of your cabinet to determine the size of your dog bed.

Order healthy kapok for the filling here: kapok pillow filling. Be sure DIY dog bedsto take advantage of our 5% discount code! Tip: while they also sell buckwheat hulls, but I think that only kapok is washable, and buckwheat not. Check this out.

Next: place your dog on his/her new dog bed, and make him / her extra happy with a nice treat.

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Optional extras:

  • Detail the front of the cabinet with pretty studs, as is shown here in the picture.
  • You may want to add a protective sheet into the pillow envelop in case your doggy still has the occasional pee in the house.

Other Patterns for DIY Pet Beds

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  2. Round Felted Wool Cat Basket

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