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Maybe because I have been partying this weekend with a massive picnic in the park on Sunday afternoon. Anyhow, I noticed how everyone has their own favorite beer brand, or brands. And I realized how some people in particular really identify with their beer brand, color, flavor, etc. And I thought how fun it would be to make some personalized art with a beer theme.

Recycled beer caps.  Brilliant. Let’s make some art with that. Best thing that I came up with is great recycled beer cap wall art for the kitchen.  All you need is a no longer used frame, and a collection of beer caps.

I heard that some people collect beer caps. Did you know that? They bring them back from their vacation. Well,  those folks are of course really lucky as their recycled beer cap wall art would become a vacation souvenir and a great conversation piece: do you know where that cap came from etc. 

How to Make a Recycled Beer Cap Wall Art Work

  • Step 1: Sort your bottle caps into a pleasing layout.  Don’t worry. Random order is fine. You’ll see.
  • Step 2: Remove the glass from your frame and ensure that your frame background is firm enough.
  • TIP: this frame here in the picture is no frame at all. It is a recycled cabinet door! Go figure. So, well you can use that too.
  • Step 3: Dab a bit of glue with your hot glue gun on the edge on either side of a bottle cap.
  • Step 4: Ensure your frame lies flat on a table.  Place the cap on the top left on the frame background.
  • Step 5: – …. endless:  Repeat and repeat. Continue till you’ve covered the entire frame insert. 

Be sure to correct along the way if you’re getting a bit out of line, but don’t fret if you do here and there. You’ll see that the busy-ness of the pattern will be quite forgiving, but you want to end up with a flat row at the bottom of the frame. Allow the glue to cure overnight before hanging up your artwork.


TIP: this, my dear friends, would make a fun fathers day gift. But that goes without saying, doesn’t it?!!!

Image source: (no longer visitable)

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