Create a Recycled Books Home Decor that’s Anthropologie Like

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This display is by Anthropologie. Yes, I know. Such an inspiration for a recycled books home decor set up. Don’t you think?


My local Italian library keeps on giving away old vintage Italian books. Amazing hey!? Some old books are fabulous with a true vintage looks, others  looks retro ‘60s / 70s, and others … a bit …mmmm…

So far, I have picked up 7 old vintage books plus a couple of ‘70s books. There are however many more books that the library is currently giving away.  Would it not be amazing to get them all and create  a display like this.?? That would really be a dream come true, wouldn’t it?!  

I love having books around me, and this sure is different from having them stowed away on bookshelves.  This looks so festive! Add more gold and silver and you have fabulous, truly original Christmas decorations. 

The only difficulty I have with pursuing this books-as-art project is that I will have to ruin the books, making them unreadable thereafter. This, to an avid reader, is a tat hard to swallow. Truth be told however, I hardly read hardcover books anymore. Do you?

What do you think? Is this Anthropologie – style old book display something to pursue this year??

photo credit: Roxie Hutchison (flickr)

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