Recycle a Shampoo Bottle into a Tag Bag


Some of my readers are just too brilliant for words. Like this German lady, Wesen-Art, whose creative projects have become increasingly sophisticated and interesting over the years that I have been following her submissions to our linky parties.  Look what she submitted the other day in our  weekly linky party ‘Time for a Party’?

A fabulous idea on how to recycle an empty shampoo bottle into a small tag bag, for your keys, coins and perhaps a doggy bag. Fabulous!


She is not only original in her work. She usually includes a clear tutorial on how to make her projects as well. Yep. Free.

She makes her recycling and other craft projects looks simple too. Like for this recycled bottle craft:  Just cut that top off the bottle, leaving a ‘flap shape’ on on one side and a flat edge on the other. See picture a above.  Then she put a hole in a flap section and another in the facing bag body; inserted a heart-fastener, and voila. Done.  Punch a hole on the side as well to add a little chain and a fob tag. How easy is that?!


DIY Recycled Bottle Bag Making tip …

Oh, yeah, tear off that ugly plastic with the text before you put that fastener on….. None needs to know that you use a special shampoo for your dandruff, right?!


Photo credit | Project Source

Have a look at her blog, Wesen-Art at Blogspot in Germany, for step-by-step photos.

Note: Just ignore that she’s not (yet) the best photographer in the world (although I’m sure if she’d put her mind to it, she’d be fabulous at that also). Just look at the DIY and craft projects she has made, and don’t be put off by the photos. We all have such outlandishly high photography standards in this digital age…    Wesen-art’s projects are usually highly original, not too intricate, do-able with kids.

Go check m out.

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