Machine-Finished Hand Applique Workshop


Hello my Quilting friends! Have you already seen this insanely beautiful ‘machine-finished hand-applique’ workshop for beginners/ advanced seamstresses at Craftsy that lets you make stunning flower applique like this?!

Machine-Finished Hand Applique Workshop - featured at

Awesome flowers, don’t you think?


I have to admit: I love the look of all that paper piecing and quilting a scrap at a time.  I invited Janeen van Niekerk to guest-post here for almost a year with weekly quilt designs of her own, and teach us all how to make them.  Her passion is paper piecing, and I featured her paper piecing quilt patterns for animals and flowers.

valentine rose quilt block pattern - paper piecing

Now check out this appliqué – workshop…..

Machine-finished Hand-Appliqué Workshop


Then, I came across Beth Ferrier’s class on appliqué and that seems a lot easier.

Beth’s shows you handy techniques, tips, and tricks of machine appliqué that looks like handmade appliqué and create your own heirloom blankets and things. Yep, you can create a gorgeous appliqué quilt without touching a hand-sewing needle.

This class gives you a couple of options: you can take this class and work with smaller, detailed pieces as Beth does. Which may challenge  impatient types, but it’s  beautiful.

Cute animals appliques

Or, opt for an easier solution. You can just simply the design; make a couple of smaller designs and group them and/or enlarge the design discussed in class, creating a more modern look and be done much faster. I like all the easy options. Here are some project examples by students who took this class and have done exactly that.

How to Make Animal Appliqués

Besides flower appliques, somehow this class seems to stimulate animal appliques. Be that jungle animals, zoo animals or whimsical creates: all make adorable baby quilts and toddler play and crawling blankets.


Machine Applique Class Instructor

Many people seem to find Beth a great teacher. She’s funny, but also perfectly calm to sooth beginners’ nerves. So that, … well, you may just decide to go with a more intricate pattern, after all….. You’ll see. This is a highly recommended class and people tend to make beautiful projects as a result don’t you think?!

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