Minty Water: Recipe for Happiness


Not sure if this classifies as a food recipe, but it sure is a recipe for joy: add some freshly picked mint to bubbly water from the local well, drink and smile.


Mentuccia Romana

I thought this was Mentuccia Romana (Roman Mint), a wild member of the mint family that’s used in some traditional Roman dishes, such as Carciofi alla Romana (Roman artichokes). The taste of Mentuccia is rather strong and unique. It does not have the expected mint flavor, more a mint-like flavor. So not sure what kind of mint I have, but in the morning, I pick a bunch, and whatever I am not using during the day, I use for cooking in the evening. I recently start pulling it out with the roots, so that it last longer in a vase on my table. I use the fresh leaves and throw them into all kinds of dishes: meat dishes, soups, etc.

Mint grows abundantly in my plant pots ~ one of the benefits of living in the Roman country side. It seems to like being picked regularly, as it keeps on growing back. And apparently now is the time for Mentuccia to grow, so this weekend, I’ll be going on a hunt to find the ‘real’ Mentuccia and will show you!

Health Benefits of My Mint Drink

I’m drinking this all day, not just because it tastes good. I think it’s also healthy.

Did you know? Drinking lots of water is good to flush toxins out of the body, while mint, in general, tastes good and has tremendous range of health benefits*:

  • Good for the stomach, promotes digestion & calms stomach muscles.
  • Pain relief: headaches & other.
  • Skin care: calms, rejuvenates and re-hydrates skin, helps removing impurities and creates glowing skin
  • Antiseptic/anti-inflammatory: to treat insect bites
  • Blood cleanser
  • Dental care: reduces growth of bacteria, keeping breath & teeth clean & oral diseases at bay.
  • Asthma /cough aid: regular use of mint beneficial for asthma patients, helps to remove mucus, and soothes.
  • Anti cancer? Maybe, Perillyl alcohol in mint has shown to prevent formation of skin, colon and lung cancer in animals.
  • Immune system booster: because mint, in general, is rich in nutrients like phosphorus, calcium, vitamin C, D, E and small amount of vita min B complex. Mint reduces the growth of fungus & bacteria in the body.
  • Women aid: nursing moms should not use mint because it can decrease milk flow, however, for the rest of us, mint helps reducing morning sickness and aids with menstrual cramps.*

Not sure if this particular mint variety, Mentuccia, carries all these health benefits, but even if some of them apply, I’m happy!

Have a happy day!

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