Real Heart Art for Valentine


If you, like me, at times get enough from the paper doilies, and want to create some ‘real art’ instead, I trust you will find this article inspirational.

Confession: like Jim Dine, I have actually never painted a heart painting for Valentine’s Day. However, I have made maybe 30 heart paintings depicting the going-ons in my heart. Most were made early on in my marriage, when I first started painting with acrylics.

Then over the years, just when I was thinking I was done with painting hearts, another one would magically ‘come out’, like this painting, called ‘Friendship’ which I painted in one of my few art classes.

Today, I’m not going to give you a tutorial on how to paint a heart painting, other than, well, to follow your heart and just make your version of a friendship heart painting. And whatever comes out, will be marvellous!

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