Re-Usable Shopping Bags


Using reusable shopping bags should be ‘normal’ now, and yes, I know a good tutorial for a basic shopping bag is truly overdue reusable  shopping bag patternon  We all need a whole bundle of them.


Good and sturdy reusable shopping bags were always normal in the European family where I come from. However in my North American, Japanese, and Australian years, they were hard to find and not really used in the community. reusable shopping bag pattern


Well, thank goodness, we can now again go shop in style, as environmentalism and individualism is in fashion. And  *** I *** (says Rose) am going to be queen of the style because ….


I just won the blog prize at  Darling Jeanne is giving us these lovely  2 Large and 2 Small reusable shopping bags.


Aren’t they nice? I can’t wait to get them.

Thank you Jeanne!


(this is the kind giver)



Let’s Pass On The Goodness

Given the good feeling one gets from both giving and receiving, let’s make that the spirit of today. Let’s now all send out some generosity to someone today. What a wonderful world it will be.  Leave us a comment about what you have done, and I’ll share mine too.




My Organizing Craft Tip for the Day

consider using a set of  matching reusable shopping bags as temporary craft storage for ‘on the go’ projects.

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