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Love Hermès and want a Rare Kelly Handbag ? | I just read at CNN that someone is about to pay $24,000 for a ‘rare’ blue Hermes Kelly Handbag. Hermes ~ a brand that makes beautiful objects of fine art and distinction. I bought a pair of earrings in that shop once and gave it to the shop assistant who so clearly was more in awe of the earrings than I was and who obviously did not have the budget to buy something like that at the time. Anyhow, I do love Hermes also. Timeless classics. Hermes designed the world-famous Kelly handbag back in 1993. This particular blue bag will be auctioned off by Christie’s auction house in Hong Kong on Monday.

Hermès in blue crocodile Rare Kelly handbag

On auction is a bag which material is saltwater crocodile skin. It’s in a rare shade of dark blue and features gold clasps. What’s interesting to me is that it’s China, the (former?) mecca of imitation and forfeiting is where the auction is being held. Obviously, someone there knows the difference between real and fake Hermes Kelly bags and is willing to pay lots of money for the prestige of owning a real, rare Kelly.

The auction is open to anyone. So, if you have money on your hands, then you may put a bid in too. I have to say, it’s a beautiful bag!  

And, before we criticize, let’s realize that this is a second-hand bag. I’m good with that aspect!

But, …. crocodile?!
While I like the bag, I don’t like the idea that a crocodile is killed for it, or that I put someone at risk of potentially being killed himself while capturing a crocodile. The saltwater crocodile is the largest living reptile and most aggressive of all crocodiles who prays on pretty much any animal in sight. Eeeck. Scary. Beautiful skin, though. What do you think croc leather? I know that China has crocodile farms for handbag purposes, but I think that faux leather is more in line with how we think in 2023.

And… $24,000?! Mmmm… That’s a lot. Buying a ‘regular’ Hermes is one thing. But spending $24K on one in an auction…. Mmmm… I believe it’s important to put Money to GOOD use and I don’t think this qualifies.

I really, really like Hermes (and have bought several Hermes items over the years), but think that If I’d had $24,000 to spare, I’d probably give it to charity instead. In fact, I bought myself some gorgeous earrings in a Hermes shop in Melbourne Australia to reward myself for working super hard. And then, I gave them the shop assistant instead of taking them home. I had asked her what was her favourite piece in the store. She was so authentically enthusiastic about these particular earrings, that I thought she would get more enjoyment out of them then me.)

In any rate, with a budget of $24K, the Ebola-cause might be a better choice: Doctors w/o borders is a good start, but a long rated overview of highly reputable charity organizations that are actively working on curbing this terrible disease is featured at You??! Do you ever contemplate buying a crazy expensive handbag?! Maybe not a $24,000 bag, but maybe a $300 bag? That’s already a lot of money for a handbag, isn’t it?


Free Pattern to Make Your Own version of Rare Kelly Handbag – a Hermes-inspired unique piece of art!

Now that’ will be rare indeed : there’ll be only 1.

Now, all this is not to say that owning a Hermes / bag with this kind of shape wouldn’t be a great idea. Hermes provided a few years ago a free paper model of the bag. Yes. To spark your creativity and to get you start dreaming about owning one! (See links below for both the Hermes Kelly bag and their Jige bag DIY paper models). So, if you too happen to like the Hermes Kelly bag design and want to make your own version of this bag, here’s your chance.

Now, don’t go and put an Hermes label on your creation and sell it as something it’s not. But, by all means, use the Hermes Kelly paper pattern coupled with your own creativity, sparked by this designer handbag that is obviously loaded with style and glamour, and which shape stood the test of time.

luxurious gift bag designs

Not into sewing? No problem. Glue one together instead. I posted the Hermes Kelly bag as a unique Christmas gift wrapping idea… The pattern is a paper model, which you can use to create a faux Hermes gift bag. (Or, to dream about owning your own real Kelly bag one day…)

There is a blank version of the model as well, and you get to color it in! Most of us can do this. Talk about a unique ‘coloring page’.

Have fun today!

What do you think: should I organize a DIY designer bag craft-along bonanza??  See who can create the most exotic Hermes Kelly or Jige-inspired handbag? Is that something that would interest you??

hermes kelly bag


Free download of paper models: Hermes Kelly Bag

Hermes Jige Bag
. Note that both images and designs belong to Hermes, were published for distribution and sharing in the creative community online, although they have recently become unfindable.

Learn more about the rare Hermes Kelly Handbag auction: CNN 

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