This wild quilted pillow pattern makes unique decorating accents

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Quilting may sound kind of tame, however, with Alisa Burke, quilting changes tack and sails the winds of adventure! Look what she did and enjoy her wild quilted pillow pattern to make your own unique decorative pillow that truly, one of a kind.

Quilted pillow pattern

Quilted pillow pattern – Step-by-step Instructions

Fabric Painting, Sewing & Quilting Instructions pillows

1. Hand stamp & hand print your own fabric. That is: make your own stamps with foam pieces glued onto a base, get some textile paint, dip in the stamps and go create a wicked pattern. Start neat, and go wilder progressively. Let the paint dry before you move to step 2. (see quilted decorative pillow illustration)

2. Cut 9-12 fabric of approximately similar sizes that when they would be stitched together would be the size of a pillow front.

3. Sew them together, as one would with separate quilting pieces. Neatness not required.  Just make sure that the various patterns look good together next to one another.

quilted decorative pillows4. Now, race your sewing machine over from left to right, making 24-40 approximately evenly spaced lines across the pillow front. (see illustration)

5. When done, race the sewing machine over the pillow front from top to bottom, about 40 times.

6. Now done with the quilting, add a pillow back, fill the pillow, and close it, with zipper or button or with neat stitches, doesn’t matter.

Ref: Alison Burke’s blog

Sew Wild

In case the name Alisa Burke sound vaguely familiar, let me share:

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Tip: this book is particularly good if you are the type who usually needs to have a pattern and study it first.  This book will take you OUT of that comfort zone and gets you to be experiment more.

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First published on December 9, 2011.

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