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Today I am featuring a pattern for you that’s fun with flowers: patchwork Dresden flower petals are quilted in long vertical lines lines for extra texture and form. The patchwork pattern offers a great way to use up old scraps.

Patchwork Designer – seamstress Angie A. from Quality Time modified a Dresden petal to shape this beautiful quilted bag pattern. She used 7 different scraps, but you can modify this to suit the fabric that’s actually in your stash.

Quick 1,2,3 Sewing Pattern Instructions

Here are the broad steps required to make this bag:

quilted bags sewing patternsStep 1: Cutting Your Bag Fabric

Click on the image to get the large pattern to print.  First cut out your flower petal template and then select and cut fun strips of patterned fabric scraps that work well together.

Step 2:  Shaping Your Bag

quilted bags sewing patternsUse a very big plate as a guide for cutting your top curve.

Cut lining to the same size as the finished front and back outside pieces.

By adding batting, lining and by sewing quilted lines, you’ll add both strength, texture and form to your bag. Without the quilting it will not be the same!

Step 3:  Sew Your Bag Together

After cutting, quilt the front and bag outside pieces of your bag in vertical lines along the length of your fabric.

Sew the lining and add  inside pockets if desired. Sew your front and back quilted bag outside pieces together.  Turn the inside bag inside out, and attach the outer and inner bags together.

Step 4: Add Your Bag Handles

quilted bags sewing patterns

Fold your bag right side out and it’s time to attach your handles.  There is a wide range of different bag handles out there.

Depending on the handles you have, you most likely want to create and attach it with little fabric strips as shown here. However, other handles might need to be attached in a different way. Choose the attachment style that suits your handles.

Tip: Buy your handles before you make the fabric strips, so that your strips will be the exact right width.

Clover U Shape Amber Bag Handle
(also available here in black)

Clover U Shape Bamboo Design Bag Handle

Where to Find Your Bag Handle

Both these types of handles will work. Personally, I prefer the natural colored handles with patchwork bags, but of course, it depends on the types of fabrics and the colors you are using.  The U-shaped handles on the left are also available in black.   Both types of handles will suit a range of bag styles so you might even consider ordering a few handle sets and have them ready for when the bag-making mood strikes!

Pattern & Image Source:

Full credit for the images and the bag featured here goes to Angie A.

Click here for her more detailed sewing instructions and Angie’s personal sewing story.

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