How to Make Romantic Printed Designer Pillows

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This handmade romantic bolster pillow is so authentically French. It looks like the most sophisticated, delicate hand embroidery. Yet, Nan, from ‘You Could Make That’ showed us how to make this so-French pillow by simply printing the design onto fabric.

Easy-to-make accessory for a romantic bedroom!

Romantic Printed Designer Pillows

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Nan’s tips for making fabulous printed designer pillows

* put freezer paper behind your 8.5×11” piece of thin cotton fabric to give it enough body to go through your color printer.

Iron the shiny side of the freezer paper onto your cotton fabric and it will adhere very quickly.

printed pillows

Peel the freezer paper off the back when printed. If your fabric is very thin, you may also need to place some thin card stock behind that freezer paper to give it even more body.

Tip 1: keep away from moisture as printer ink is not washable and may also stain other textiles.  Upfront treatment with a protective fabric spray will help.

how to make a bolster pillow

Make Your Own French Bolster Pillows

As this print is not washable/durable, you may want to design your pillow in a way that the printed vignette pillow case can be easily removed from the pillow.

Nan created a darling bolster pillow, whereby she applique-ed her fabric with the ‘bonne nuit’ rose label onto a larger piece of white pillowcase material.   She sew it into a bolster roll, which she tied with ribbons, just like the French do.

Tada. Bonne Nuit!

Free Printables

The font used is called  ‘Jane Austin’ and is designed by Pia Frauss, and available for free at Fontriver. 

Her French rose label is in the public domain, which was found & digitized by the Graphics’ Fairy.  

Image/info source: Nan’s blog.

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