Use this Pretty Baby Wipe Case Free Sewing Pattern for a fab DIY Baby Gift

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Pretty Baby Wipe Case Free Sewing Pattern | another handmade baby gifts idea :: baby wipe case cover ::

Create a personalized, decorative baby wipe case cover with this handy tutorial, quilting/sewing pattern from Tam at  Sew Dang Cute Crafts. She made this pretty ‘jewel’-case out of that ugly plastic box that baby wipes typically come in.   Does it not look classy?

DIY Baby Wipe Case Cover

Pretty Baby Wipe Case Free Sewing Pattern - baby gifts :: diaper wipe box cover quilting pattern

I titled this article as a sewing pattern, but actually I have to clarify that the top is quilted and sewn onto a simple back. Both are then hot-glued onto the plastic and embellished with ribbons and what not.

There’s no stopping Tam….

Look!!! Tam could not stop and making just one baby wipe case cover. She made 10 of them!! All equally cute quilt patterns, finished off with ribbons and jewels, fabric roses and rosettes.


Pretty much all moms need a DIY- diaper wipes case, because every kid needs awesome wipes! Even at age 10 or 11.

Photo credit and Pattern by Tam at Sew Dang Cute Crafts (

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