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Be inspired today by Tammy Henderson who has incredible talent to make a sober home look luxuriously splendid. Each week in her series, I am working a bit on my home aiming to incorporate her genial home decorating ideas.  Today, Tammy will show us that it’s worth it to lug those roadside wood pallets home  and transform them with some Fall flowers into an attractive seasonal display.

Hi everyone, I am back from One More Time Events to share another fun-filled Fall project.  Today, I would like to share how I used  wood pallets and Dollar store items such as Fall flowers and re-usable faux pumpkins  to decorate my small front porch.

When decorating your front porch whether it be large or small think of it as front room extension leading into what’s waiting inside to welcome your family and guest for the holiday season.

Decorating your front porch doesn’t have to be expensive.

Here is an idea you can do by just repurposing a pallet. You can usually find wood pallets at no cost in your neighborhood.   Take some pallets and turn them into a welcoming seasonal garden using Dollar store Fall flowers, a couple of stickers with wording pertaining to family,  a few real or faux-pumpkins along with a small bale of hay and filled grain sack says everything about Fall in a big way. On a small porch.

Let’s get to work.

To do this Fall decorating project, you will need is

  • 2 Wood Pallets
  • Styrofoam blocks (not shown)
  • Floral stems
  • Small Pumpkins
  • Word stickers

Step –by-step Tutorial

How to Develop this Fall Flowers Display


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Porch Fall Decorations

Begin with Letter Art

I started with adding my word stickers to the wood pallets. I had given the wood pallets a good clean a few days ago and dried them in the sun.



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Fall Porch Decorations Howto - step 2

Add Foam, Flowers & Floral Accents

Then, I began wedging the styrofoam blocks in between the front and back of each row of the pallet (sorry no picture). Once the foam pieces were in place, I started filling each row with Fall flowers and other floral accents. Plus a few pumpkins.

This is so easy to do and yet it give such a beautiful welcome to any small or large front porch.



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Build It Out

Build your display by extending the theme. Interest  is added using a filled grain sack and small bale of hay with a few more pumpkins and Fall harvest sprigs.


This Fall Decorated Pallet costs under $20.00 to make. Chances are that if you hit your garden, the shed, the garage and the attic, you’ll be making this pretty much for free!


Indoor Fall Decoration Ideas

Remember last week’s easy Fall centerpiece – an indoor Fall Flower arrangement for a dresser, side table or cabinet? Today’s decorating project complements it. See how we are decorating throughout the house now with a similar theme and color scheme? Thanks to this consistent color scheme and theme, you can create a beautiful flow of abundance and joy in your home.

Fall Floral Arrangement  :: Fine Craft Guild

I hope you all enjoyed stepping out on the front porch with me as much I did sharing this Fall project with you.

About Tammy

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Tammy enjoys the challenge of reinventing her décor. She’s great at figuring out how to make something out of ‘nothing’. To her, ‘left-overs’ have a purpose. She has an urge to recycle |reuse | revamp | redecorate | remodel. And she does so, creatively, beautifully and naturally. Her works shows her love for decorating.

Tammy is the living proof that decoration with what you have | recycled materials, plus maybe a small budget for craft supplies, can create beautiful results. When you walk through her house and her garden, as displayed in her blog, you see a tastefully decorated place that has personality and a sense of home.

Tammy used to own a retail scrapbooking business and her blog is that ‘One More Time’ love affair with the creative world. While her emphasis at ‘One More Time’ blog is on decorating, at the Fine Craft Guild, she shares her how-to’s and gives us more than a little peak on how things are put together. And yes, all of these beautiful photos above are all hers!

By Tammy, One More Time Events, who is a consistent source of more decorating ideas and projects.


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