Popular Summer Crafts For Kids

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These popular summer crafts for kids are super fun, and yes, can even give your youngsters a good time in Spring break. Not just for summer!

Here are over a dozen craft for kids that you will love to do with your kids, do for your kids or teach your kids to do.

Some of these are fun to do, bits at a time, on Sundays. Others are great group projects to do with friends around. If you can’t find a project to suit your kids today on this page, don’t be shy to use our ‘search’ on the top right of this page, and look through 1500 post. About 1/3 of these are meant for kids.

Fun Summer Crafts for Kids

Recycled Paper Basket DIY

Crochet Flower Friendship Bracelet

This links to many flower patterns, so go check out which one you like to make with your friends.

Tiny Treasures DIY

Summer crafts for kids - DIY Cupcake Charms
Fun Micro crafts at FineCraftGuild

DIY Scavenger Hunt Games

Finger Knitting

Zentangle Bookmarks

Painted Stones Crafts for Kids – DIY Ladybugs

Oh, I love all these fun summer crafts for kids. Thank you so much everyone for linking up with us. We had a blast going through all the various projects.

See our last week’s round up for more Crafts Kids Party ideas.

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