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I am bringing you trendy pom pom crafts today. My line-up of top notch pom pom crafts is inspiring. So inspiring in fact, that after reviewing all these fun pom pom craft ideas, I created this pom pom necklace to go with my summer polka dot dress.

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Pom Pom Necklace Tutorial

It’s a versatile necklace You can adjust it to your outfit and mood. Wear it long and lean as I am today. Or, double it to accentuate a t-shirt neckline. Or make it go around three times, which turns it into a collar necklace.

So, …
Step 1: Measure the desired length of your necklace. Mine is 84 cm or 33″. I used hemp thread with no stretch and because of this,the length is a few inches too short to go around my neck twice. With 2 inches more and elastic thread, the length will be just right to go double. If you make it about 13″ (32 cm) longer than mine, you should be able to go 3x around your neck. If you want to wear your pom pom necklace doubled or as a collar, then be sure to use very stretchy elastic jewelry making thread, and/or add a silk tie in the neck so your necklace can easily be put on.
Step 2:
String felt pom pom balls.
Step 3: Tie knot and Wear.

My outfit today.

pom pom crafts

Pom Pom Crafts

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