Polymer Clay Cane: Tarot Inspired


I like things like tarot cards as well as positive ancient symbolism. They lift my spirit. Usually.
Pentagram polymer clay cane tutorial

That’s why this pentagon polymer clay bead making tutorial immediately caught my eye. Velody, from Tree Gold and Bee Gold, showed us how to make these lovely beads with pentagram shape using the polymer clay cane technique. It’s real simple, and the result really powerful. What a strong design.

Polymer Clay Pentagram Beads

These round beads make fabulous charms for charm bracelets as well as necklace pendants, etc.

The image tutorial below shows all. The only other tip to complement this already complete polymer clay tutorial is that one should endeavour to get the cane to reduce more evenly. So here is your polymer clay jewelry making tip of the day: double the red outer layer, and you’re good to go. So simple a tweak! Works like a charm when reducing. 

Polymer clay caning is  a super cool crafts for kids too!  They may not be so inspired by pentagrams, but flowers are usually a knock-over.

Polymer clay canes are easy to work with: just slice, poke a hole and smoothen the beads, bake ‘m and string ‘m into jewelry.

What’s nice about polymer clay canes is that you can make other creative things with them too. Cover any heat-resistant object with a pattern of cane slices and then bake it. Jewelry and other projects made with polymer clay canes often turn out really beautiful.

polymer clay cane tutorial pentacle

image credit | photo tutorial: Treegoldandbeegold.com/2012/09/Pentagram-polymer-clay.html

Meaning of the Pentagram Tarot Suite

Here’s some Tarot information for you, that might transform making jewelry with this lovely pentagram-shape into a meaningful art:

  • To me, Pentacles are about prosperity. They are also about realization of an idea, things coming to fruition and generating results. (Maybe hang a few pentagrams on our blogs… might help … )
  • In a Tarot card reading, if you’ll get many pentacles, it means that ideas are taking physical form and that (your) wishes are in the process of being realized.  In other words, a great suit in the tarot card deck!
What’s the Tarot?


The Original Rider Waite Tarot Pack

Pentacles = 5 pointed stars. Which way is up?

Unless you’re versed in the various connotations of this ancient spiritual and religious symbol, here are 5 things for you to know about pentacles:




pay attention


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