Pleated Handbag Pattern

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Love this bag in white & Iove this in red. Great style handbag. Contemporary. Practical. What more do you want ‘n’ need in a bag, I’d say?!



Free Download of this wonderful pleaded handbag pattern

With this base pattern, many other embellishments are possible. See my Anthropologie Bag- case study and other sample bag designs below.

Pleaded Bag Design Variations

Here are a whole slew of different bag designs that I’ve kept the pictures of over the years. I don’t have the patterns for them, so they are just eye-candy for you today, to boost your inspiration for how to jazz up the pattern that is provided here today.

tote bag anthropologie tutorial

by Anthropologie

peekaboo free bag sewing pattern

by Patricia Bowman

free pleaded bag pattern myfabbagPinkLemonade
by Pink Lemonade


French Antique Printed Totes

More Bag Patterns

We have over 25 bags with sewing, felting, crochet and knitting patterns and bag case-studies on FineCraftGuild. I’m sure you will be able to find one that suits you.

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