How to make a gorgeous DIY pineapple centerpiece

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Learn how to transform food scraps into a festive Pineapple Centerpiece. Celebrate life. Create Pineapple Splendor. Tammy Henderson will teach how to glamorize your home with this tutorial on how to festively decorate your summer outdoor table. With the mere pineapple scraps!

Glamorous DIY Pineapple Centerpiece ::

Today I would like to share how to pull together a wow-worthy centerpiece at the last minute for a festive outdoor summer table.

This fruit centerpiece is also for when you are short on time short. It really offers loads of party style. Last week I shared how to use your plastic containers to create a wedding centerpiece that’s also usable in other romantic settings. Today I will share with you how you can use your food and leftovers to create a last minute fruit centerpiece for your guest in five minutes or less.

Here’s the final centerpiece. Like it?

Glamorous DIY Pineapple Centerpiece ::

Food always looks and is more appealing when it is served and styled in a decorative way…don’t you think? 

I would like to share a quick and easy why to style your fruit using a decorative jar and a votive candle holder. This also could be for a dip or I could even see some shrimp placed around the rim with cocktail sauce in the middle for all your guest to enjoy.


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pineapple vase table vignette diy

Get your materials together

Here I have taken a decorative jar (the ones you often find in second stores but that can look really great IF YOU KNOW how to use them…), pineapple rind, votive candle holder and some hydrangeas from my garden and created a serving Centerpiece with pineapple.


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Pineapple center piece pinapple sized

How to Cut the Pineapple

After you core your pineapple and remove most of the pineapple from the sides …

Here the neck of my jar was a little smaller than the pineapple so I cut out a slice to make it fit. If you have a jar large enough you can skip this step.


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Pineapple centerpiece pineapple inserted

Composing your pineapple centrepiece

Once this is done you will then place your pineapple rind down into the jar.


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Pineapple Centerpiece with pineapple pieces

Add flowers to your pineapple centrepiece base

Once you have placed your pineapple rind…now a “pineapple vase”   gather some fresh flowers from around the yard.  Here I have used hydrangeas, but it can be whatever you have in your yard. Place your flowers inside your pineapple vase.  Add water.

Place a votive candle holder or whatever you have that will fit in the neck of your jar that won’t  fall through.

Now, add your pineapple.  And there you have it: a decorative fruit centerpiece in less than 5 minutes… (not counting the time to core and cut you pineapple pieces).

Pineapple Centerpiece outside

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