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This is UNIQUE! An elegant, knitted pineapple bag, adorned with silver pearl beads and beaded tassels. And with this free pattern, you get to knit your own.

It’s a vintage pattern, published in 1840, by Mrs. Jane Gaugain in her book “The Lady’s Assistant, for executing useful and fancy designs in knitting, netting, and crochet work”.  I have never seen anything like it, although it’s obviously been around for a while. It was a popular stitch in the early 1800s. It turns out you can find several of knitted bags like these at the Victoria and Albert fashion design museum in London. All from that time period.


Do you like it?  It’s a little crazy, isn’t it??!!

Knitting Difficulty Level

99% of patterns on this site are fairly simple to super easy. 

This pattern requires a bit more advanced knitting skills. However, it does consists of stitches that you may already know:

See the leaves section? That’s the chevron stitch, in which your first row’s stitches are moved into a zig-zag position by decreases. The leaves are knit in stockinette. Then, for contrast, the pineapple itself is in reverse stockinette. Note that your bag will be turned inside out after knitting. ;-)

Then, it’s knit in the round, and obviously a repeat stitch. So that means that once you got the hang of this knit stitch pattern, just continue endless repeats of k1, yo, k3-5 sl1-k2tog-psso, k3-5, yo repeat to the end. k1.

In the vintage knitting patterns, you’ll see variations of this between k3, k4 or k5 stitches. Obviously this shifts the size of the motif as well as of the entire bag itself. Want to expand it? Then add 10+1 stitches, allowing that last stitch to be a yarnover.

If you choose to knit this flat, then rewrite this pattern for the return row to be purls rather than knit stitches.

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Image source: Ravelry,  user KnittyVet

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