Photography Tip to Shoot Heart Framed Photos


Next time you sipping coffee at a lovely terrace overlooking the ocean or so, create some unique vacation pictures, apply this photography tip to shoot heart-framed photos and make amazing memories!

You can do this taking all kinds of pictures of your family. Actually, this photography tip is also suitable for marriage proposals, wedding photo valentines cards and mothers day gifts…, btw. Because you can put both people as well as scenes in your frame. I’m thinking of a panoramic view of your vacation rental, or an Italian seaside scene. You get the picture ??!!(pun intended).

photography tip heart frame

Now this tip may be really great & versatile, but it’s really simple. And I discovered it by sheer accident, playing with a coffee cup sleeve.  You know I sell patterns to make your own coffee cup sleeves, so you know that coffee cup sleeves do not enter my life very often. But this day it did. And look.

Photography Tip to create a Heart Frame Around Your Photos

1. Take the coffee cup sleeve in your hand.

photo frame coffee cup sleeve craft

2. Tuck the top of the sleeve inwards so that a heart shape results.

photography tip heart frame

3. Take a picture in the heart looking at your loved ones.

photography tip :: photo heart framee

Amazingly cool photo technique, hey?!!

I thought you’d like it.

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First published July 2014; updated 2022.

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