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It is not often that I feature photography, or other art and craft making tools. However, as we’re asked so often about cameras, I thought this could be an exception. After all, we use our camera every day for our blog photos, don’t we?! So, it’s important to discuss the bestselling photo cameras once and a while.


Canon PowerShot SD750

Canon or Nikon ?

Really, you can’t go wrong with either brand of cameras. Sony can be tops in quality, as Panasonic. However, my fave cameras are Canon (and Nikon).

And, I’m not alone in that verdict. In this top 10 bestselling cameras, sourced from some of the world’s most successful online retailer, Amazon, you will find that Canon is very well represented here. As an owner of not one but two Canons, I know why: I love both cameras more than any other I have had.!

I bought my first camera in Akihabara, Tokyo’s electrical district. It was a Canon AE1. With initially no knowledge other than ‘here’s the button to press’, I have made the most amazingly successful photos with it, right from the beginning. My absolute love for this camera, made me to buy a digital Canon a decade later.

One aspect I love so much about the Canon camera are the lenses and the overall making of the camera. This is why, even as a beginning photographer, my photos I’ve made with my Canon have always been impressive. Of course, professional photographers, who actually understand all the features on the cameras can realize their photo visions even more.

Bestselling Photo Cameras

There are lots of details as to why these are the better camera deals that are most popular. Click on each to discover a wealth of information about each camera, so you can make an informed decision.

This bestselling camera is close to what I have today, and I love it. It is small enough to fit in a purse, and great enough to take fantastic family shots as well as ‘professional’ shots for my blog. I like nifty features that are not immediately apparent until you start using it and bring home great photos: eg a feature called ‘Face Detection’ which finds multiple faces of people in a picture and enhances the quality of those, to create vastly superior people photos, just to name a single little feature that will make a big difference when you make photos of people. Overall, this camera is great value for money.

This great camera is just perfect to photograph water sports, and other sports. It is both shockproof and waterproof and has all kinds of other features to capture sport action! Used by Pro’s and by the rest of us who love the sports.

I just want to highlight here that there are 3 versions of this type of camera: Outdoor, Motorsports and Surf.

For extreme closeups, extremely sharp and lightweight lens. An addition to your camera you will adore. Put it on your Wish-list.

The camera with an 20x Optical Zoom. What else do I need to say?!

Albeit it a Sony rather than a Canon, this could be someone’s Dream Camera. Besides 20.2 MP, it has the ability to take extreme low-light shots, and make those fantastic nightshots of ancient Italian hill top towns by night. Very nice. Of course this is just one of many features of this camera.

Very well thought out and executed point & shoot camera, that’s affordable. Great to take along.

A very portable tripod, which is a necessity for as long as I’m not getting that gorgeous $600 camera above….

Absolutely excellent and Professional, yet easy enough to operate by beginners. What a camera. Another ‘dream’ camera…
If you click on an image, you will find lots more purchasing information about each camera.

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