Pet Halloween Costumes : Cutest Ideas

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Pets look oh-so-cute in Halloween costumes.

halloween costumes pets

It’s nice if your pet’s costume complements your own costume. You might want to just give your pet a little colored accessory to make him fit the Halloween party theme or go for the full costume. (See my list of links for really beautiful / fun pet costumes below.)

Ensure that your pet is both safe and comfortable in his or her costume. Some dogs actually enjoy being dressed up as it results in lots of loving attention. If the Halloween costume for him is reasonable comfortable, chances are that your dog will cooperate in dressing up for Halloween. However, not all dogs like being dressed up for Halloween.

Ready-made Halloween Costumes for Pets

halloween costumes pets

Handmade Halloween Costume Ideas for Pets **
Homemade Halloween Pet Costumes

  • Peacock Pet Costume to accompany an adult woman’s Peacock costume. ** Howto: Free Halloween costume sewing pattern.
  • Toto in a Basket to accompany Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz ** Howto: Choose a basket that fits your dog and put a tea towel on top. Make sure he’s cozy and on the lease in the basket
  • Spider Pet Costume. This costume sits on a dog’s back and is most fun on black dogs of a certain shape and size, like this one in the picture. I guess that’s it: the Halloween costume for your pet must match his/her personality.

    halloween costumes

* : for purchase
** : make your own using our free costume craft tutorials and tips

5 Pet Halloween Costume Safety & Comfort Tips

Dog Halloween Costumes

1. Ensure that your dog can easily see, hear and easily breathe while wearing his costume. Masks are a no-no. Also, look for light-weight and airy fabrics for your pet costume. This avoid your pet becoming overheated.

2. Make sure that the costume fits loosely around the neck (not too tight!). Also check that it does not drag on the floor so your pet won’t step on it.

3. Observe your dog while putting on the costume and when he is wearing it. Take note of chewing, pawing, or signs of discomfort, and take remedial action. Don’t enforce a costume if your pet does not want it. Check for any choking hazards. Cut off any chewable/swallow-able details if they are on the store-bought Halloween costume.

4.Do not leave your dog unattended while wearing a costume or otherwise being dressed up.

5. If your pet is open to wearing a costume, consider having the pet wear the costume only wear for a limited time, e.g. upon arrival of the guests. For those who do not want a costume or who appear to be uncomfortable in a Halloween costume, consider a hat, collar, t-shirt or bandana as a comfortable pet Halloween costume alternative.

Other Halloween Costumes

Also check out other ideas in our 101+ Halloween costumes, or visit Halloween Central for Halloween crafts and party decorating.

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