How to make a Pet Bed from Old TV – great recycled furniture idea

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This royal pet bed befit a little prince, dog! An adorable recycled furniture makeover. 


photo credit: Sara Allaman

We have all seen unsightly TV’s by the side of the road. Giant monsters! Well, self-acclaimed Pinterest-‘addict’ Sara Allaman knew just what to do with it!!! 

The 1,2,3 how-to DIY instructions

There’s not an official how-to, but more of a story. Let me summarize:

  • She took out the TV tube, the plastic liner, plus 35 hard-to-remove bolts and 55 tight staples, and voila she had her dog house castle.
  • OK. It turned out that the frame was wobbly after that, so she applied 12 corner braces to secure the old TV frame’s shape.
  • Then she gave it a good sanding and a darling color paint.

And voila! Here is her dog bed.  I love this!   The details of the dog house’s side panels are just so swell.

Tip: It takes just 5 minutes to take the TV tube out. It’s easy. However, do this outdoors, and wear protective glasses.  Avoid having it in your house. I have never thought of it as something that could break/explode but Sara was worried about that… Just in case, be careful. I think you will want to wrap the tube a.s.a.p. into a thick plastic bag and dispose of it right away to avoid problems.

If you have time, go read Sara’s personal write-up of the project as it made me laugh reading it. She’s funny.  (; blog discontinued)

Some practical info for you, as after all, this is a DIY blog:

Pet Bed Materials Needed

You’ll need someone to help you take that heavy TV tube out of the frame, and walk it with you straight to the recycling center/dumpster +

  • Tool set to remove screws and staples, and to screw in the corner braces.
  • 12 corner braces.
  • Paint brush.
  • Paint.  TIP: because your dog will spend quite a bit of time in this environment, I really suggest you choose healthy zero VOC paint. It’s way better for you, your dog and the environment.
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Recycled Furniture is Fun!

I love recycled furniture, home decorating and creating wonderful small spaces. Hence, I’m sharing this amazing recycled TV project. 

Over to You!

Are you ready for the weekend? What are you going to do this weekend??? Make this??!! Some other recycled furniture DIY? Or, try out any of our accessory/jewelry making projects that I posted over the last few weeks?!!

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